Pure Clean Environment


Clean air device for pharmaceutical factory (for validation)

Clean Air Devices, Manufacturing and Sales. Last Modify :

  • GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) is an observance rule concerning the medicine manufacturing.
  • In manufacturing facilities and the process of the medicine, when it easily explains the medicine validation, it is guaranteed to produce products based on specifications and the quality property provided beforehand, and leaves the record.
  • Our company will respond to medicine GMP equipment to be able to get satisfactory.
  • We are performance assessment (IQ,CAL,OQ,PQ) of your clean room equipment, will submit the report, and help GMP in the medicine manufacturing.
  • Our company can respond < clean equipment >・< clean room design, construction, and management >. Concretely, the clean bench, the clean booth, the air shower, and it boxes passing.
  • Design and construction of various, clean rooms.
  • Installing chemical air filter various (acid, organic, and alkali) is also possible.
  • Installing sterilization and the air filter is also possible.

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