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Magnetic Canceller

Magnetic Shield Room Engineering Last Modify :


The situation in which the construction of the magnetic shield room cannot help receiving the influence of the sudden rise of the price of the nickel seen in recent years, and becoming expensive.

he necessity of the multilayer shield of permalloy is lost by using this magnetic field canceller together, and the construction cost of the magnetic shield room is reduced.

(1)The control frequency band: The control frequency band is wide (DC-50kHz).
(2)The magnetic field control range: The control range is big (± 10μT)
(3)The frequency control: The frequency band batch control is possible.
(4)The PC interface: Remote control and the adjustment from an external network by LAN are possible.


Coil for correction magnetic field generation 
 It is composed by the magnetic field sensor, the control unit, and the coil for the correction magnetic field generation.

An environmental magnetic field is detected with the magnetic field sensor and the control unit.

And, a reverse-magnetic field to deny the magnetic field change under the control with the control unit is actively generated from the coil for the correction magnetic field generation.

As a result, the correction of the magnetic field change is achieved.



DC variation of magnetic field in shield room (magnetic field canceller OFF/ON)

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