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As the micro-fabrication technology used in writing devices for semiconductor masks advances, there is a call for a higher degree of stability in the device set-up environment. In particular, stability in fluctuations in the magnetic field and in the temperature within the set-up environment is necessary.
We offer a high-precision stable environment by integrating our know-how in clean room construction acquired over the years into magnetic shield technology. We also use our own chemical filters to maintain a super-low concentration environment to prevent chemical contamination inside the shield room.

Main Features of the Device
(1) Through consistent workmanship in the construction of clean rooms and shield engineering, we offer a high-performance magnetic shield clean room.
(2) Through modularization of the air conditioning system and our unique assembly system for shield panels, the construction period can be cut by half when compared with conventional cases.
(3) Through the development of a reheat control system in the clean room, a high-precision temperature control is made possible and the air conditioning running cost can be reduced.
(4) Since we use our own products for a number of the components, such as the air conditioner, magnetic shield panel and chemical filter, we will be able to satisfy our customers in terms of delivery timing and cost.

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