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  • In FOSB or FOUP used as a container of 300mm wafer, not only the particle pollution but also the demand of the molecular pollution exclusion became strong with particularly recent miniaturization.
  • Dan Takuma added our molecular pollution measures technology to a conventional clean oven in order to answer those requests and developed the next-generation supermarket clean oven which could dry in the super cleanliness space that removed not only the particle pollutant but also the chemical pollutant.


  • This product is a clean oven that installs the Chemical filter "PURATEX" of Dan Takuma in a high cleanliness temperature style circulation type clean oven for past 0.1μ class 10, prevents the Chemical pollutant from the outside from going into it, decreases the out gas from an internal material as much as possible, and decreases the molecular contamination to a dry thing when drying as much as possible. Especially, the boron, phosphorus, and the organism, etc. that the wafer dislikes are planned.
Outline dimensions (one chamber type)


Model FD-160-8
Number of storage FOUP or FOSB eight pieces
Cleanliness 0.1μ Class 10
Maximum temperature 80℃
Temperature distribution ±3%
With temperature program control.
Humidity indication (option).
Chemical Filter Three kinds (for the Organic gas removal, for the Alkaline gas removal, for the Acid gas removal)
ULPA Filter Low organic, low boron type

*There are six storing use and two storing use elsewhere, too.
We are change-response possibility about the storing number and dimensions and other specifications.

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