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HS Type Chemical Filter for H2s

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It is the chemical filter with low pressure loss, high removal efficiency, long life which is originally developed for removal of H2S.
It can be used not only for OA treatment unit, but also used for air circulation range such as MAU, CFU, and so on.
It can remove H2S, Ozone, TOC, NH3, H2SO4, HNO3, HCl and etc with high efficiency.

Honeycomb structure (Base material: Activated carbon)
We developed honeycomb structure shape as we adopt the activated carbon as base material.
We can expect various purpose usage.

Low pressure loss with its unique media structure.
It can maintain very low pressure loss becase of the honeycomb structure of filter media. So, it can be used not only for OA but also for FFU.

It can be installed in a narrow place, because we design the thickness of media according to the air velocity by location.

Long life
It can be used for a large volume of air, because it can has a large surface are with the honeycomb structure.

Long life against H2S
It is suitable for removal of H2S, the typical substance which cause a crucial problem on Cu wiring.

  For removal of
valcanic gas
For removal of
organic compounds
Filter model HS-S-100-S HS-K-100-S
Outer frame size(Nominal size) HS-K-100-S
Material SUS
Media type Honeycomb activated carbon
Standard processing air volume 55.8m3/min(2.5m/sec)
Pressure loss(Standard air volume) 150Pa
Removal target gas example H2S N-Decane
Initial removal efficiency More than 90% More than 80%
Activated carbon weight About 12kg/unit
Tray weight(Include media) About 18kg/unit

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