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200mm SMIF manual opener

  1. Two kinds of SMIF Pod can be used.
    Cassette type・Single type
  2. The flat surface
    The pin of the SMIF Pod box door latch does not project and respect where SMIF Pod is put is flat usually.
    When it has the lever in the slide, the pin is inserted in the hole of the cap opening and shutting mechanism of the Pod bottom.
  3. The hole for the box door latch pin is searchable.
    Because it is possible to put in a pin for an arbitrary position by moving the lever right and left when there is a hole of the cap opening and shutting mechanism of SMIF Pod on the way, the cap of Pod can be opened and be closed again.
(1)Electricity etc. can open and shut the lid lock mechanism of SMIF Pod unnecessary by worker's hand.
(2)It is possible to use it easily in the production line and the laboratory of the Φ200mm wafer.
(3)In lightness (2.6kg), carrying is also convenient.

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