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N2 Substitution Type Low Oxygen Density Clean Oven

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  • It can heat-treat it with atmospheres more than class 100.
    It is effective in the following processes.
    • High temperature (MAX500℃) processing
    • The oxygen density is lowered.
    • In the oven, a clean condition.
    • The wafer is 25 piece simultaneous processing.
    • It lowers the temperature from the high-temperature state quickly.
  • Clean oven the best for polyimide heat-treatment.
Method Nitrogen substitution method
Operating temperature limit 100℃~400℃(Common use 350℃)  
Temperature distribution accuracy ±3.0% at 350℃350℃ (at a no load in the oven)
Temperature rise time RT→350℃ about 60min(Atmosphere temperature in tank)
150℃→350℃ about 45min(Atmosphere temperature in tank)
Temperature drop time 350℃→50℃ about 60min(Atmosphere temperature in tank)
350℃→150℃ about 30min(When N2 gas is introduced)
Oxygen density 30ppm or less (N2 gas, When 200NL/min is supplied)
Cleanliness Atmosphere in the oven 100p/cft @More than 0.1μm
EFEM part Class=M1
Treatment tank material SUS304, Grinding finish  
Amount of N2 supply 200NL/min(with flow quantity sensor)  
  • We target 300mm wafer with a clean oven that heat-treats it because of the hypoxic atmosphere, and the standard issue is use regularly 350℃.
  • The temperature can correspond up to 500℃. (The device specification becomes a partial modification for the high temperature. )
  • It transfers from FOUP automatically, and after the heat-treatment doing is cooled at the same time of 25 pieces, it returns it to FOUP.
  • As for wafer when heat-treating it, not only horizontal direction but also the thing made a vertical direction by the optional feature is possible.
  • We will correspond to not only one chamber type but also 2 and four chamber type.
  • (We will correspond to 200mm wafer. )

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