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Quartz Tube Dryers

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It is possible to use it from small articles to a big product for a dry keeping.

We offer dryers on the premise that the post-cleaning drying process should be clean. We incorporate the know-how that we have as a clean device manufacturer into our dryers, which keeps the dryer clean by circulating the air through HEPA or ULPA filters and prevents internal contamination due to negative pressure attributable to discharge. We use pipe heaters, far infrared-rays, and infrared-rays (IR) as our standard drying methods and also manufacture reduced-pressure dryers.

Size 2600x1400(1000)x2500(1700H)
Interior decoration SUS316, The sink side is teflon coating finish of the SUS punching.
Storing capacity It stores six quartz tubes for eight inches. (with fall prevention wire)
Cleanness Class 10 at 0.1μm, Circulation type (some exhaust)
Specification All the contact surfaces with the cover drying thing are use of Teflon
Dryness uses the infrared rays lamp.
The door is with hinged double doors, with interlock.
(When the door is an opening, the lamp is off. )
Option The antioxidant measures of the cover drying thing (internal a tube in particular) are possible with an N2 purge nozzle.

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