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Simple Reticle Management System

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It is the best for a large amount of reticle management in the factory.

The bar code of the number of the shelf is put on a simple shelf (It is user's existing shelf and there is no problem) that keeps the reticle, and a certain pickup/delivery station can manage by using the wireless handicap terminal.

It does not relate to the type of the keeping shelf because the reticle that cannot enter can share the stock data base even when there are reticle management systems other than our company used so far and the stock of the reticle can be managed collectively.

The main specification
It is possible to do by the budget with a cheap construction of the system.
The construction of a system is easy.
Enhancing and the change of the system are easy.
A large amount of reticle can be managed.
The stock and the delivery are executable concurrently (Two or more wireless handicap terminals are used).
The inventory can support with the option.
Wireless handicap terminal (BHT) is displayed in colors.


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